It all started 15 years ago. After many years of traveling in their former jobs the couple Per & Karin Ström thought it was time for something new. Karin had been a flight attendant at SAS for many years, and Per had a long career as a fashion model for 20 years.
From visiting fantastic locations or photoshoots in beautiful homes, and their common interest in interior design new ideas started to grow.
A few pieces of furniture produced in their seaside home in Sweden turned in to a business idea that quickly caught the attention of exclusive interior shops around Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. The furniture collection has now grown and is designed and produced in Sweden.

In addition to this Karin has designed textile collections that well represents the style and image of OCEANHOUSE, made in thick canvas with exquisite details in coastal colors.
From coastal locations like Nantucket, Sausolito, Malibu and Cape Town and years of travelling Per has photographed a collection of color and black&white photos that are displayed in The OCEANHOUSE photo collection.
It is truly a family business, where their three teenage boys often are part of their image pictures for their advertisement campaigns.
Large dining tables, rustic glass cabinets, sofa tables and bedroom furniture. Curtains in heavy canvas mixed with pillows in classic colors. Beautiful photos framed in silver or dark wood frames now decorates seaside homes and hotels all over Europe.

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